Oujia-board role-playing

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"We don't have an 'agenda,' we just play." "Playing is its own reward."

I call bullshit. If the group is getting something they really like and want out of play, it's because they're doing something to make that happen. If they play in such a way that

Functional version: it works, the fun is real, and that's a fine thing. Often the case for groups who enjoy Vanilla Narrativism and avoid the word "story" because they associate it with Railroading.

Dysfunctional version: someone's receiving some Railroading, either most everyone by one person or everyone on everyone else, and no one can admit it. In this case, play typically devolves into Zilchplay.


A form of Illusionism practiced among all the participants upon one another to conceal both Step On Up and Story Now priorities from one another. Term coined by Ron Edwards; see Narrativism: Story Now.