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Welcome to the Big Model Wiki! If you already know all the stuff below, click on "Diagram" to your left to get started.

What it's for

I spent a hell of a lot of time on-line discussing some ideas about role-playing. Back in the early 1990s, I was interested in some stuff about the quantification of characters and actions, and especially in stuff about consequences for stories and for players. I was impressed by something called the Threefold, and starting talking about it and other things at a site called the Gaming Outpost in 1999. The discussions continued from 2001 through 2012 at the Forge (link to your left), now closed.

We left the Threefold behind and constructed something I took to calling the Big Model, the name referring to the essential point that we decided everything about role-playing was a subset of the social circumstances among the people at the table, not due to any silly pun you might perceive in the name, although I'll wear that shoe if it fits.

This wiki is intended as a teaching tool about the Big Model, specifically for people who didn't participate in those discussions. Its entries are linked back to them for reference; see also the self-referential The Big Model here if you want.

What you do

Well, check it out, starting with the "Diagram" link to the left; also, look for the "Key concepts" category tag too and follow that if you want. If you want to ask about anything, come visit the *Big Model Wiki forum and start a thread. Same goes if you want to suggest any edits, additions, or deletions, because you can't edit this wiki directly.

What it ain't

It's not Wikipedia. Not the same rules, not the same goals, not the same anything. You can probably figure that out by browsing, but please keep it in mind when you come to the forum.