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Effectively, you and pretty much everyone present are not playing so much as being together while nominal play is happening.

Notable for Creative Agenda being present at most as a minor ideal, observed individually and sporadically. Marked by inattention to play that does not immediately concern one's character, at least among some members of the group, and also by the need for one person to periodically update everyone about what's occurring, with limited effectiveness.

Sometimes perceived as good play because it typically lacks arguments and other signs of Dysfunction. It is at least arguable that the participants are getting exactly what they want and having a good time, and therefore it does not necessarily count as dysfunctional play.

Relevant threads

Coined by Walt Freitag in 2004, Zilchplay (split from Understanding: the "it")

Dust-storm warning: In The Provisional Glossary (2004), I described it as A type of Simulationism by default, because in the absence of a desire to actively pursue a Gamist or Narrativist agenda the only focus is on exploration. This was grossly incorrect.

Much better: 2006 HERO System, M&M and assessing incoherence