Vanilla Narrativism

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Do you like playing without fear of your character being blocked or channeled by someone else? And you, the other person, do you like preparing situations that will, in play, open up who-knows-what soap opera and dangerous challenges for such characters? Do both of you play with one-GM, lots-of-players, and does everyone else in the group share your idea of what's fun?

And did you never hear of or give a shit about all this jargon in order to do it? If so, then do yourself a favor and don't read the rest of this page.


Narrativist play without notable use of the following Techniques: Director Stance, atypical distribution of GM tasks, verbalizing the Premise in abstract terms, overt organization of narration, or improvised additions to the setting or situations. People who typically play in this fashion often fail to recognize their Creative Agenda as Narrativist. See [Vanilla Narrativism] and the links listed under Points of Contact.