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Hi! I guess this is the page where the wiki defines itself.

So: this wiki is a description of what I think goes on in role-playing, both when it goes well and when it doesn't. A whole lot of other people have contributed, as referenced in the pages. It's still a work in progress and probably will always be open to changes. You're invited to suggest and to criticize all you want, at the Big Model forum.

The visuals

Unfortunately those cool holo-in-the-air effects in the movies cannot yet be conjured to hover over your computer. So I have to ask that when you see the flat circles in the diagram, that you imagine them to be 3-D globes - like beach balls inside bigger beach balls. The arrow starts inside the biggest/outermost one and pierces to the middle.


A description of role-playing procedures as embedded in the social interactions and creative priorities of the participants. Each internal "box," "layer," or "skin" of the model is considered to be an expression of the box(es) containing it. See the discussion in Narrativism: Story Now and The big model - this is it.