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'''Steps prior to play'''
'''Steps prior to play'''
[[Genre Expectations]]
[[Genre Expectations]], [[One-Sheet]]
'''Steps during the first meeting'''
'''Steps during the first meeting'''

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Techniques all together compose the System, and every Technique is in practice composed of a bunch of Ephemera.

Also, any particular event in play is usually a bundle of Techniques, not just one.

Preparation techniques

Different games require different efforts at this stage, ranging from "none!" to nigh-complete Masters theses.

Organizing a specific game and group

Steps prior to play Genre Expectations, One-Sheet

Steps during the first meeting

Steps during initial play itself

Character construction techniques

Play organization techniques

Global in-play techniques

Endgame Epilogue

Situational in-play techniques

Scene framing Mechanics cues Resolution Consequences


Specific procedures of play which, employed together, are sufficient to introduce fictional characters and locations into the Shared Imagined Space and to have them change in some way. Many different Techniques may be used in different combinations, in different games, to establish the same sorts of events. A given Technique typically includes a group of Ephemera which are employed together. Taken in their entirety for a given example of role-playing, Techniques comprise System.