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Nuts and bolts

What we call the game mechanics are inside the System, utilized to impose constraints to announcements or to add features under certain conditions. In groups of interlocking parts, these are best understood as Techniques. The Rules are nothing more than the group's accepted Techniques in some officialized format.



The means by which imaginary events are established during play, including character creation, resolution of imaginary events, reward procedures, and more. It may be considered to introduce fictional time into the Shared Imagined Space. See also the Lumpley Principle.

From Applied Theory by Mark J. Young: Mr. Edwards has said that system within a game is the equivalent of time. To understand this, you have to understand something about time: it is the medium for change. Without time, nothing changes. In the game, the system determines what happens, what changes; without it, nothing changes. Thus the system determines and controls change, and therefore is effectively time for the imagined world.