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I'm not just talking about the minor issue of making stories in play. I'm talking about two things: (i) wanting fictional stuff in play that is emotionally engaging about real-human problems, gets the blood pumping, stuff you want to do something about; and (ii) not wanting any significant outcomes pre-determined or under anyone's arbitrary control, at all. In other words, no fair prepping plot. Or rather, go ahead and prep problems, but not outcomes for them, and bloody well no "sequences" or plotlines that rely on certain things happening soon. In Story Now play, there is no "GM controls the story." The story only appears because the player-characters' actions do matter.


Commitment to Addressing (producing, heightening, and resolving) Premise through play itself. The epiphenomenal outcome for the Transcript from such play is almost always a story. One of the three currently-recognized Creative Agendas. As a top priority of role-playing, the defining feature of Narrativist play.

Screwing it up

Killing it dead: Railroading

Going drastically wrong: Typhoid Mary, Prima Donna, maybe Ouija Boarding

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