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  • ...ary events of play, with or without reference to rules. A feature of the [[Lumpley Principle]]. Credibility may be applied to the statement (imaginary event)
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  • The core concept which makes System functional is the [[Lumpley Principle]], meaning, it (what happened) only came to be because one or mor ...ntroduce fictional time into the [[Shared Imagined Space]]. See also the [[Lumpley Principle]].
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  • ...guishing a System feature from its mechanics-based details. See also the [[Lumpley Principle]] for the relationship between ''any'' input into play vs. the me
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  • synonym). Exploration is maintained through the application of the [[Lumpley Principle]].
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  • ...rucial component is the phrase "Let's play this game," which becomes the [[Lumpley Principle]] when play begins. Failing to do so is a primary source of [[Mur
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