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== Relevant threads ==
== Relevant threads ==
[http://indie-rpgs.com/archive/index.php?topic=8928.0 Bumpy Exalted game]
[http://indie-rpgs.com/archive/index.php?topic=4415.0 Player Power Abuse]
[http://indie-rpgs.com/archive/index.php?topic=4415.0 Player Power Abuse]

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All interactions and relationships among the role-playing group, including emotional connections, logistic arrangements, and creative expectations. All role-playing is a subset of the Social Contract.

One crucial component is the phrase "Let's play this game," which may or may not be understood and employed in a given group. Failing to do so is a primary source of Murk.

Arguably some features of the actual Social Contract cannot be captured in verbal form. Therefore a Social Contract is not a written document or explicit agreement of any kind. When such things were employed among a group, they are a component and hopefully a facilitator of the actual Social Contract, including the statement "Let's abide by these."

Example of written pre-play agreement: Establishing social contract from invite onwards

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Relevant threads

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