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We're playing Extreme Vengeance. My character is Lina Handermann, "the Icelandic Angel," typecast as a Maverick Fighter. We're going to be playing a lot of different "films" in this game, with the genre for each one to be set by the GM. Lina will have a different name and genre-appropriate background for each one. In each film, I'll be using the same character sheet, but effectively playing a different character each time, with no continuity from film to film unless we do an explicit sequel to one of them. At no time will I be playing Lina as such in any setting at all. In fact, Lina as such doesn't even have a personality or fictional presence - she's only a persona like an actress would cultivate for part after part.


Character Exploration which utilizes an intermediary persona as a foundation for different characters in episodic, unrelated settings and situations, as in the games Amazing Engine, Tales from the Crypt, Hong Kong Action Theater, and Extreme Vengeance. Term coined by John Marron.