My Life with Master

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2003; by Paul Czege; Halfmeme Press; 2004 Diana Jones Award Available: My Life with Master

Social Contract

I Will Not Abandon You

Three to six people, possible for single-session play but usually better with more than one session


Setting features Context: Fixed - play minions of a mad genius. Time & place: a European setting during the Gothic period. Preparation: No pre-session preparation, absolutely necessary group Master creation.

Character features Attributes: Self-Loathing, Weariness, Love; no skills. Conditional parameters: More than Human (with an exception), Less than Human (with an exception). Character ownership: extreme, fixed, and unchanging. Emotion mechanic: technically all three attributes, with no constraining power. Relationship mechanic: Connections, associated with Love score. Character death: only possible in Epilogue; unrelated to damage sustained during play.

During play Global scores: Reason and Fear. Endgame: one for the whole game, triggered by successfully defying the Master under certain numerical conditions; includes the fixed outcome of the Master's death. Epilogue: for player-character fates, based on final scores. GM: one person throughout play, includes all four Authorities.

Scene framing: unconstructed round-robin for Spotlight, optional player requests. Conflict resolution: Scene scale, typically only one roll is made for a significant amount of player-character spotlight. IIEE: I/IEE. Fortune mechanic: Whole-scene; number of dice. Influence mechanic: ordinary resolution becomes this if the minion tries to resist a command; it's the extreme version in which failure means you must obey. Modifying mechanic: Intimacy/Desperation/Sincerity die, including Escalation. Setting impact: the Horror Revealed.

One-stop Creative Agenda blurb

Story Now: the Premise is typically some version of identifying yourself through a powerful person's control over you, and the consequences of acquiescing to or defying that person

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