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I get to play a vampire? Cool!

Wait a minute, I'm trying to figure out how to spend these points so my character doesn't suck.

OK, let's see, we have to go fetch a whatzit from a bad guy because this Prince guy told us to. That's our mission.

I act like a vampire, but it makes me lose this "Humanity" stuff which means I have to play my character all crazy.

The GM keeps talking like a Twilight novel, so I'm playing all melodramatic, but now we're in something more like a fight scene from Shadowrun, and when I tried to say something dramatic, I lost my turn to attack and took all this aggravated damage.

I got some experience points to spend but I don't know what to do. I better get more effective in order not to die. Wait ... that sounds familiar.

I am totally not getting what this game is ... well, for. But everyone else seems to think this is the best role-playing with the best GM. I better not say anything.


Play which includes incompatible Creative Agenda expectations among participants, typically leading either to full-blown Agenda Clash or to Zilchplay. Incoherent play is considered to contribute to Dysfunctional play, but does not define it. Incoherence may be applied indirectly to game rules.

In practice, discussions have referred to game texts as Incoherent in this sense, to indicate that the text includes instructions and recommendations that if followed, would promote Agenda Clashes among the participants.

Abashedness represents a minor, correctable form of Incoherence.

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