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All the little stuff you do while you play. It's what people would see, or maybe figure out, if they were watching.

Some involve usage: you're rolling dice. Well, to do this, you need to see what the dice say. Do you grab them, hold them up to your eye, and read them to everyone? Do you leave them on the table to display the result? Or what? These little details can add up to some major differences in play.

Some involve mental processing: did you say what the character did with or without mentioning what he or she was thinking? Or, do you say "I" or "he" or "my guy" - and assuming that you probably do all three, when for each?

Some are merely habits: do you stack your dice? Do you doodle?

Some are teeny-tiny subroutines of the mechanics: do you shove four black tokens into the center of the table? Do you tick off lost hit points with hashmarks, or use a clicky counter device?

Some are all about talking: who gets to say what happens when you roll a critical hit? Who gets to say anything about what just got said?


Moment-to-moment or sentence-to-sentence actions and statements during play. Combinations of Ephemera often construct Techniques. Changes in Stance represent one example of an Ephemeral aspect of play.