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"Tagged you! Tags mean you're out!" "It's Tuesday! Tagging doesn't work on Tuesdays!"

Which is cute when you see kids do it, or funny when you read it back in the eighties in Calvin & Hobbes. It's a lot less cute when one or more people are doing it with the procedures of play in a role-playing game.

Unless that's what all of you came here to do, which is the only time it's fun.


A potentially-dysfunctional Technique of Hard Core Gamist play, characterized by making up the rules of a game as it is played, especially in the immediate context of advantaging oneself and disadvantaging one's opponents. Most so-called "rules-lawyering" is actually Calvinballing. The term is taken from the comic strip Calvin & Hobbes; see also The Unofficial Official Rules of Calvinball.