Beeg Horseshoe Theory

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People used to try to create visual representations of the various Creative Agendas. There was the "triangle," for example. This one was more-or-less Jared Sorensen's slam at the Simulationist one, implying that you could strip out Gamism or Narrativism from the way you played in hopes of becoming Simulationist, but you'd never get there because it didn't exist.

Between you and me, I don't really give a crap any more about such representations, if I ever did.


A proposed visual model for the relationship among the three Creative Agendas around a flat circle, with an "open space" for Simulationist play, because it may not exist. First proposed by Jared Sorensen as a criticism of Simulationist play (or pseudo-play), then re-proposed by Mike Holmes in an effort to validate Simulationist play. A controversial topic; see The Beeg Horseshoe Theory, Beeg Horseshoe Theory revisited, and The Roots of Sim II.